The dream of establishing a public secondary  school in Malabon was conceived by the members and officials Tinajeros Sangguniang Nayon. On January 13, 1969 the members of Kapulungang Nayon ng Tinajeros passed a resolution asking the Sangguniang Bayan ng Malabon  the need for opening  a public high school.

            The Sangguniang Bayan ng Malabon in its meeting, passed Resolution No. 159369 providing  the establishment of a municipal  and vocational high school. It was decided that First Year to Third Year students would be accommodated for the school year 1969-1970 and the Fourth Year students beginning the next school year, 1970-1971. It was also contained in the resolution that the sum of P150,000.00 be appropriated by the Municipal Treasury of Malabon for  the opening of the school.

The resolution signed on March 15, 1969 by the then Vice Mayor Manuel C. Domingo and Councilors Ruben Martin, Edilberto Villanueva, Maynardo Espiritu, Neli G. Cid and Ferdinand Garcia proclaimed the birth of Malabon Municipal High School.

            On March 28, 1969 another resolution was passed regarding the appointment of two teachers from Tinajeros Elementary School to take charge of the enrolment. The rooms in Tinajeros Elementary School to take charge of the enrollment. The rooms  in Tinajeros Elementary School were tentatively  used by the high school students whose classes began in the late afternoon.

            The following school year, 1970-1972, Fourth Year students were accommodated. It was also during this school year that the construction of the President Marcos type building was built on a lot measuring  4,500 sq. meters.

The school had its first batch of 590 graduates in 1971. In the same year two proposals were made. First, that a two-storey building be constructed; second, that a principal and twenty (20) teachers be hired for the school year 1971-1972.

            In 1977 the occupancy of the 1.2 hectare campus of Malabon Elementary School-Unit 1 located in M. Naval St., Hulong Duhat, Malabon was transferred to Malabon Central Barrio High School, the biggest of the four barrio high schools existing  that time. MES-Unit 1, on the other hand, was fused with  the Malabon Elementary School-Main. Since the newly occupied campus had more facilities and bigger accommodation, it became the Malabon Municipal High School-Main. The school in Tinajeros was transformed into an annex.

            In 1980 all barangay high schools namely: Panghulo Barangay High School, Tonsuya Barangay High School and Tugatog Barangay High School were converted into annexes of MMHS. San Agustin Barangay High School, a former affiliate of MMHS was phased out in in 1984  due to lack of funds the same with Tonsuya Annex which was closed in 1990 because it did not have a school site of its own. The students of these two annexes were absorbed by MMHS-Main.

            The need  for constructing  additional  rooms for the Malabon educands was  realized when the Teresa I building  in 1989 through the joint efforts of the then Mayor Prospero I.  Oreta and Congresswoman Teresa A. Oreta. In 1990 another grand project – the SEDP buildings composed of the THE building, Administrative Building, Reading Center and Academic Building – was completed.

            All public high schools were nationalized on January 1, 1988 but it was only in 1994 that the school changed its name from MMHS to MNHS. In mid-90’s its annexes became independent from MNHS except Potrero Annex which came into existence only in 1994.

            Mrs. Cecilia M. Saenz succeeded Mrs. Corazon G. Gonzaga as principal when the latter retired in July 1995. In the span of six years as administrator, Mrs. Saenz has done many physical development and improvement of the school. Among them were the following: construction of nine-classroom, three-storey building (Teresa 2 Building); construction of two-classroom building (Vicencio Building); construction of six-classroom, three-storey building (Teresa 3 building); upgrading of school grounds; renovation of gymnasium and stage; construction  of covered walk; improvement of school fence, landscaping and many more. After nine years of  fruitful and outstanding performance/services that Mrs. Saenz has rendered to the school, she was recently replaced by Dr. Rosa G. Centeno. After her term, a musculine and equally responsible principal was assigned and it was Dr. Fortunato B. Abude and later replaced by the current equally hardworking, people-friendly and efficient administrator, MNHS hopes to equal and  surpass the many achievements the  school  has garnered and developed through the years with the present administration headed by Dr. Ma. Victoria R. De Gulan.

            With the current school year 2016-2017, the Malabon National High School is considered the biggest high school in the Division of Malabon City.

            Having  a team of competent and dedicated teachers, the school continues  to surge  aimed  at attaining quality education in public school. The fulfillment of this goal is not far behind as proven by the numerous awards it has won in division, regional and even national competitions.


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